Monday, September 2, 2013

Dreams and Nightmares 96 contents

Dreams & Nightmares 96, September 2013


Hanes Bach (cover)
From the Brain Stem
Anne Carly Abad, Caskets To Sleep In
Gloundan Smorpian, Your Metabolism Gets Me High
G. O. Clark, Screen Saver
Hanes Bach, illo for “Screen Saver”
Scott E. Green, Wowie Walkabouttttt
CEE, The Big Duck Opines: Bobby Fischer
Neal Wilgus, untitled
Neal Wilgus, Back To The Grind
Kurt MacPhearson, Callisto’s Murky Tale
Peter Roberts, Vigil
SofĂ­a Rhei, English translation by Lawrence Schimel, The Firefly
Lynette Mejia, in the night tower
Hanes Bach, illo for “in the night tower”
Lisa Megraw, Gods of Forgotten Times and Places
Sandi Leibowitz, Seeds of Love
F. J. Bergmann, Advisory
Robert Frazier, She’s Come Undone
Denny Marshall, illo
Hanes Bach (bacover)

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