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DN 50 Contents - March 1998

Dreams and Nightmares 50

March 1998

Table of contents

Gary Thomas, cover
From the Brain Stem
Ann K. Schwader, Death Song of the Monachi Hivemind
April Lott, The Witch Escapes (Again)
Tiffany Auxier, unleashed
J. Ward, illo
W. Gregory Stewart, downtown geneville
Michael McClellan, Glimpses in Glass
Rose Rosberg, Peering into Half Dark
Brandon Stevens, Little Wooden Tiki Man
Judy Klass, Up, Periscope!
J. W. Donnelly, Heart of Wolf, Leg of Man
Gloundan Smorpian, She Worked the Rockets (praecisio)
Russ Miller, illustration
Jennifer Tobkin, Equinox
Virgil Barfield, illustration
Janice M. Weyl, You Weren’t There
baloian, Urban Dreams
Bruce Boston, Curse of the Super-Hero’s Wife
Kurt Newton, to the dogs
Nathan Whiting, The Famous Arches on Sutter Avenue
Charles Moskus, Nexus
Errol Miller, Sunday: Part Two
Lisa M. Bradley, Sun’s Stroke

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