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DN 52 Contents

Dreams and Nightmares 52

February, 1999


Robert Blaney, cover
Melissa A. Haas, As We Come
W. Gregory Stewart, for the man who sniffs like dogs
Edward Mycue, The Irish Abbess
Wendy Rathbone, The Shadow Garden
Dave Fode, illustration for “The Shadow Garden”
D. F. Lewis, The Brainwright
Angel Reign, illo
John Grey, 6 p.m. in the forest
Ginger Strivelli, Captain's Log
Fred Boltz, Roadkill: Returning to the Darkness of Ice
Bruce Boston, The Last Existentialist Continues His Descent Into the Maelstrom of the Twenty-First Century...Contemplating the Death of Shadows...Suffering a Hostile Glance as He Moves Along the Quay
J. Ward, illo
Cindy Main, In the Valley of Death
Gary Every, Trout Dust
W. C. Burns, illo
Kiel Stuart, Missing In Action
David Clink, Crackpot of Science
Erik Buchanan, illo
Alan Catlin, In the House of Spirits with William Blake, East Rockaway, N.Y. a BxW Still Life 1965
Kurt Newton, In Defense of Frankenstein's Monster
Sanford Fraser, Long Distance Flight
J. Ward, bacover

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