Thursday, January 30, 2014

DN 97 - Forthcoming issue - Contents

Dreams & Nightmares 97

January 2014


Hanes Bach, cover
From the Brain Stem
Hanes Bach, illo
Neal Wilgus, Eye Witless
Sofia Rhei and Lawrence Schimel, untitled
Susan Sheppard, Glamoury
Terrie Leigh Relf, They were waiting when I arrived
Lauren McBride, The Family Garden
Gary Every, Interview with a robot
Edward Mycue, Earth Fractures
Neal Wilgus, Amulets R Us
Jane Yolen, Warning from the Undine
Anne Carly Abad, The Visitor
Neal Wilgus, Too Late
Claudia Serea, You’re a dead giant in a grave too small
Robert Borski, The Cuckoo’s Bride
Mary Soon Lee, The Bastard Prince
Chris Friend, bacover

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