Monday, January 20, 2014

DN finances

For various reasons, cash flow is an issue for me right now. So, if you've been thinking of making a purchase (e.g., one of my books [see below], a DN sub [$25/6 issues], pdf lifetime subscription [$39]), now would be a good time.

By the way, proofs of #97 are almost ready to go out to authors. I have some great stuff in this issue by people like

Anne Carly Abad
Hanes Bach
Robert Borski
Gary Every
Chris Friend
Mary Soon Lee
Lauren McBride
Edward Mycue
Terrie Leigh Relf
Sofia Rhei
Lawrence Schimel
Claudia Serea
Susan Sheppard
Neal Wilgus
Jane Yolen

My books (available from me, signed):

Contact information: 1300 Kicker Rd, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404 205-553-2284

1. underfoot, the runaway spoon press, 1991, ISBN 0-926935-60-7, 2nd printing, $6
2. a round white hole, dbqp press, 1993, a few left, $6
12. Separate Destinations (with Kendall Evans), D66 Press, 2005, a few copies recently found, $6
16. Nursery Rhyme Noir, short fiction, 2008, 2nd printing, $13
18. The simian transcript, Banana Oil books, flash fiction, 2010, a few left, $7
19. Brushfires, poetry, 2010, $7
20. The Tin Men (with Kendall Evans), poetry, 2011, $7
21. The Edible Zoo, illustrated, children's poetry, 2012, $9
22. Luminous Worlds, Dark Regions Press, 2013, $12

Sale prices postpaid, good thru January. A little higher outside the US cos of postage.

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