Friday, January 17, 2014

My Rhysling-eligible poems

Rhysling-eligible poems first published in 2013

LIST (titles)


“words” = first line of untitled poem

A House is not a Home, Star*line v 36
“a sudden flow,” Scifaikuest, Feb. online
“beagle brain,” 7X20, Apr. 5
Better things to do, really, Big Pulp, June
“bone-stone bridge,” 7X20, Jan. 2
“carding the cryonauts,” 7X20 June 26
“changed to fit,” 7X20 Apr. 1
“Chuck's mom slapped his hand,” Cthulhu Haiku II
“coffee's like gold,” 7X20 June 28
Cosmology: a tragedy, Paper Crow
Dragon Wind, Luminous Worlds (book, Dark Regions Press)
Exhumations, Luminous Worlds
He's a Good Jewish Boy, Scifaikuest Aug. print
High Road, Star*line v 36
“kissed the next door girl,” Scifaikuest May
“lights still on,” 7X20 Apr. 4
Midsummer's Dream, Cthulhu Haiku II
“Shub-Niggurath finds a Host,” Cthulhu Haiku II
Since Then, Dark Mountain 4
“sometimes,” 7X20 June 13
That Fabulous Evolution Show, Star*line
That Pre-Human Manuscript, Cthulhu Haiku II
The Changeling Remembers, Spellbound
The Flip-Book Sonata, Luminous Worlds
The Mirror Ticket, Luminous Worlds
Who's for Dinner, Star*line 36.2


Backwater, Magazine of Speculative Poetry, 9.3, Fall

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