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Help me, Obiwan Kenobi, you're my only hope

Crowd-Funding Appeal

Ends February 28: LAST DAY

PROGRESS SO FAR: $190 raised. -- $25 from primary goal.

I'm having trouble putting together the funds to print & mail Dreams & Nightmares 97, which contains these:

Hanes Bach, cover
From the Brain Stem
Hanes Bach, illo
Neal Wilgus, Eye Witless
Sofia Rhei and Lawrence Schimel, untitled
Susan Sheppard, Glamoury
Terrie Leigh Relf, They were waiting when I arrived
Lauren McBride, The Family Garden
Gary Every, Interview with a robot
Edward Mycue, Earth Fractures
Neal Wilgus, Amulets R Us
Jane Yolen, Warning from the Undine
Anne Carly Abad, The Visitor
Neal Wilgus, Too Late
Claudia Serea, You’re a dead giant in a grave too small
Robert Borski, The Cuckoo’s Bride
Mary Soon Lee, The Bastard Prince
Chris Friend, bacover

so, I'm having a sale, from which every dime will go to publishing this issue. I need

$140 to print
$75 to mail

Total: $215


These prices below are good through February, & I'll keep you apprised of progress.

The easiest way to pay is paypal to A check to me at 1300 Kicker, Tusc. AL 35404 works too.

Every contributor at any level gets 5 pdfs of back issues. Choose from this list, and see contents in this blog (search for "DN #"). All who contribute in any way will be thanked in the pages of DN 98, so be sure to tell me if you wish to remain anonymous.

issues 1-7
17-59 (incl. 2 double issues)


Dreams & Nightmares:

Digital copies, any 10, $5
Lifetime digital subscription, plus all back issues: $25.
Print subscription, 6 issues: $21
Print subscription, lifetime: $75

My Books:

All signed copies. Prices include postage.

Separate Destinations (with Kendall Evans), poetry, D66 Press, 2005, ISBN 1-892958-02-3, $5

Nursery Rhyme Noir, Sam's Dot publishing, 978-09821068-3-9 (humor, fiction), 2008, $10

The Simian Transcript, Banana Oil books, speculative flash fiction, 2010, $8

Brushfires, Sam's Dot publishing, poetry, 2010, $7

The Tin Men (with Kendall Evans), Sam's Dot, poetry, 2011, $7

The Edible Zoo, Sam's Dot, children's poetry, 2012, $8

Luminous Worlds, dark poetry, Dark Regions Press, 2013, $12

New Items:

I just acquired a few copies of some of my older books. In most cases these are the only available copy of these books: except where noted, only one copy is available.

"A round white hole," this is my second book and I believe it is out of print, poetry.: $6

"Results of a preliminary investigation of electrochemical properties of some organic matrices," I know this one is out of print, poetry. $8

"The deadbolt casebook." Out of print, humor, fiction, $8.

"Hasp deadbolt, private eye," out of print, humor, fiction, two copies available, $8

"The ruined city," out of print, poetry. This is one I put together myself right before my accident. This is one of the few copies that were printed before my accident., $7

"Drowning Atlantis," out of print, poetry, two copies available, $7

"Hunger," poetry, out of print. Not many of these were ever sold, because the publisher had a meltdown right after printing them, $7

"The conspiracy unmasked,", Dark Regions press, poetry, out-of-print. Dark Regions has recently published a series of poetry collections of which my book, "luminous worlds," is one. This book belongs to an earlier series of poetry collections that Dark Regions published. This book was published in 1994 and includes some of my earliest dark poetry, $8.

Pasted-up copy of Dreams & Nightmares 65 (May 2003)

Marge Simon, cover illustration
Christina Sng, The Summoning
Erin Donahoe, Woman With Webbed Fingers
Bruce Boston, Dali's Ego on Karloff's Frankenstein
W. Paul Ganley, The Dream House
Jody Forest, People of the Monolith
Jason Van Hollander, illustration for People of the Monolith
G. O. Clark, It Was Just A Movie
Sarah Ruth Jacobs, Stick Man
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Brochure at the Cryo-Ship Stand
Alan Catlin, De-boning the Dreamer
Andy Miller, Calliope
Robert Wooten, stakethroughtheheart
Bruce Boston, The Death of Statues
Thomas D. Jones, Death of Atlas
Sonya Taaffe, Gray's Anatomy
Marge Simon, illustration
Karen A. Romanko, Medusa at 10
Cathy Buburuz, back cover illustration

$5 for this item.

If you don't want to buy any of the sale items, donate any amount of money and you'll get the 5 pdf issues of Dreams & Nightmares. If I don't reach the goal, I'll have to delay the issue till I have the funds, but it will be published.

Stretch goals:

If I reach $260, I'll pay all the contributors $15, instead of the $12 they've already received.
$400 also puts a color cover on issue #98.


PDFs of 5 DN issues (choose from list above) for donation or purchase at any level (paypal

New swag

NOTE: If you increase your purchase &/or donation, you get the swag corresponding to your total contribution.

I found a cache of old print issues. Donate or spend at least $30 & pick 3 from the following list:

67 proof (coil binding)
73 (color cover)
74-75 (double)

Contents lists of many of these are available on this web site here: I'll post the missing ones soon.


$35: All previous plus I'll write you a poem. You provide parameters. If I think I can do it, I will. If not, we tinker until we come up with something I can do.


Free ad for your book, zine, or other project in Dreams & Nightmares 100, January 2015. Size of ad: up to 4.5" wide; up to 3.75" high. You can have a full-page ad for $60 purchase/donation.


Hardback book, What it is and How it is Done, Crispin Hellion Glover, free (plus all other swag) with donation or purchase of $40 worth of stuff. Minor water damage on front cover of book.

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