Sunday, March 30, 2014

I wrote a new poem "about" Medusa

Medusa Permutations

the head of a cockroach surmounts her neck
would-be lovers and killers alike
are turned to spam at the sight
she eats well, adventurers being what they are

he terminates with a rodent's head
his other end is long & scaled
all who look upon him putrefy
before he consents to touch
a cult has grown around him
he doesn't get out much

her anterior is eyes and noses
she smells like clove and vinegar
none visit now; her grove bears such fruit
as begs for its dehiscion
and smells so sweet

never yet described, his head
must be most foul
none have returned from him
his lovers and his progeny
maraud an undiscovered country
we trow, and scream with open mouths

Thanks to Jane Yolen's daily poem for the inspiration. Following that spark, the result emerged from I know not where.