Monday, April 28, 2014

042814b news and more

State holiday today, so I have one more shot at "chores," sensu lato.

A perennial problem continues to recur incessantly, today, as every day. Alien invaders are hogging our local food sources, as usual. I refer, of course, to the house finches. Why don't the cardinals shove them out of the way?

Also, tomorrow evening I'm on a local radio show, 6-7 pm central. Talking about and reading poetry. More details later today.

And, the storms that wrecked havoc & killed 17 last night in AR & OK will be moving through here this afternoon & evening.

Stevie Ray said his woman
shakes like a willow tree
not a traditionally erotic image
she shakes like jello on a plate

come on now

just what are you implying
about this woman's physique
methinks the writer
was powerful hungry
lord, god, king hungry
don't let him kissing close
till he eats, at least

a porkchop

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