Friday, June 6, 2014


snow palaces, Troy-like, one atop another
oh so many more than 17
100,000 years of cities under ice
flattened, recrystallized
trapping in their microscopic voids
the breath of their inhabitants
the world melts ice caps now
cities re-emerge
there's ice-DNA in those breathy voids
ice-woman's spit
actually, a Nature paper reports
their genders were more numerous than ours
5 more than the 7 Martian sexes
the Yeti may be their cousins
made (almost) visible by ice fur
stained with traces
of the crude, opaque elements
those we lump of


S. Bradley O'Blenis said...

I really like this one. Actually, I like a lot of them but "060614" in particular. Is that its official title?

David Kopaska-Merkel said...

That's the date I wrote the poem. It is currently untitled. Glad you like it!