Monday, June 2, 2014

Dreams & Nightmares 98 Contents

Dreams & Nightmares 98

May, 2014

Michael Csontos, 3012, cover
From the Brain Stem
Gary Every, Dog Dreams
F. J. Bergmann, On My Homeworld, Baby
Michael Csontas , a forest fire
Joshua Gage, ghazal
Sheila Kopaska-Merkel, dragon
Alicia Cole, In the Lee of the Stone
Denny Marshall, The Walker
Ruth Berman, Science Fiction
Jessy Randall, Recurring Dream
CEE , Drones
GO Clark, The Party Crashers Scenario
Trent Walters, Sympathy II
Valerie Bodell, Fish and Gator
Neal Wilgus, Secret Formula
Sheila Kopaska-Merkel, dragon
Lynette Mejia, wish you were here
Wendy Rathbone, Fragments Overheard on a Space Station
Chris Friend, illo
Wade German, The Palpability of Thinghood

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