Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Eel Powder

A pinch in a pot'll do ya,

the ad says, but J & I

are foolin' around at White's Pond,

makin' baby eels to feed the brim,

J jostles my arm

while I'm holding the jar

and in she goes.

Fishin's not so fun anymore:

somethin's eatin' all the brim,

the Whites' mutt's gone missin',

and Suzie's little brother, Todd

ain't been seen since yesterday.

So, J,

I won't tell if you won't,

but I'm not fishin' at White's again,

I'm walkin' the 2 miles

to the pond by the cemetery

from now on--

it's safe enough;

them ghouls don't come out till full dark.


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