Tuesday, September 23, 2014

no gnus are good gnus

They get such a bad rap! It isn't true, anyway. Dreams and Nightmares 99 is at the printer. I sold two poems yesterday, one in only about an hour. The surprise lilies are not opening very quickly this year. That might be because the summer has been so dry, because the temperatures seem close to their optimum. Speaking of which, it was only 11° C this morning, though as a low temperature for the day that is not bad at all. I hope all of you who are poets have been writing horror verse for Halloween haiku II. These annual anthologies from Popcorn Press are a lot of fun. Even if you don't feel like writing poetry for the book, you can visit their kickstarter and contribute a little bit that way. Last night I started reading Kim Harrison's last Hollows book. I long for the days when I could have stayed up all night reading. I'm pretty sure I will finish the book tonight and so far it is just as good as its predecessors. Which is to say, you should buy it. I recently wrote a humorous children's poem that my writing group unanimously said should be in a book. I guess I need to get busy and write a few dozen more of them! For now, though, I am working on an article about fossil reefs for a field trip guidebook. I won't get to enjoy the fieldtrip, but I can contribute to it. Also, this article will be one that a colleague and I didn't find time to write years ago and now we can get it done.

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