Wednesday, September 17, 2014


So my power wheelchair suffered a major failure which, I suspect, means that I will be using the manual wheelchair for two or three weeks. This is not an unalloyed tragedy, but it will make a lot of things less convenient. Just for instance, I have to use both hands to move that chair and there's no way to put a cup holder on it, so I can't carry anything that I can't carry in my teeth or around my neck. Also, except on smooth and level surfaces, I need to be pushed. On the other hand, I will get a lot of exercise and will develop Popeye arms again.

Maybe we will try to talk our friends into coming to our house instead of the reverse until I get the power chair back so my wife doesn't have to push me around. Even though that might entail some housecleaning. Maybe we will just become hermits!

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