Sunday, October 5, 2014

Newsy thoughts

Sorry about the joke in the last post. I was momentarily transported back to my childhood.

It is sunny and cool today. Actually pretty comfortable, and I should go back out and enjoy it before it starts to get cold. It was 6C when I got up this morning And now it is 22C, which is probably close to the high for the day.

I was looking out my window a little while ago and a female finch (I don't think she was a House finch; I don't know the species, had a very stripy breast) tried to get in the window. Not by slamming headfirst into it, but by flying close to it and flapping in place, looking inside, then sitting on a twig, and trying again. She sat on the outside of the lower window sash, but that didn't seem to help. After a few minutes she flew away.

My wife had time to go into the vegetable garden for the first time in at least a week. She found many jalapeno peppers, including one bright red one, two sweet peppers, a smattering of green beans, and some new bean plants with a bunch of flowers. It's a different variety than the one of which she harvested a few stragglers today.

A couple of years ago she planted two chestnut trees. This year one, but not the other, had some chestnuts. Eight. Today we noticed that they seemed to be pretty ripe so she went to investigate. To her horror she discovered that some had already disgorged their contents into the weeds. She did get three chestnuts, and so I guess we'll have to roast them over a little tiny fire.

I went through most of the accumulated electronic submissions to Dreams and Nightmares. I am caught up to a couple of weeks ago. I may buy a few more poems for the hundredth issue, but it is pretty full. Number 101 is also pretty full. I'll start buying for 102, which will be published in September 2015.

Time to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

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