Monday, November 17, 2014


On That Note

Some of us boys bought it together

Woke up dead with all the flames
burning what was continually renewed

We first tried to break out of Hell
the simple way, using the red-hot picks they gave us
but that took us nowhere but down and in

The Needle suggested a prison revolt
old-school & in-your-face style
but after seeing how he fared
we all put heads down and looked busy

Doc had read this book, claimed
that going down was the only way
described what we'd go through
as we went along and along
made those hot picks seem pretty tame

Some said go, some stay, some wondered
was it too late to beg forgiveness
while they were wrangling I snuck off
with Doc cos he figured he knew the way

boiling lakes of blood and things
that make back-room boys seem like amateurs
I wish I could forget more of it

we reached the chained giant, climbed
till he licked Doc off his shoulder and swallowed

I worked my way around back and kept going

End of poem

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