Saturday, November 22, 2014

I, too, am aghast

The Noxious Abyss

As winter's pallid rays struck through the pane,
Behind the fridge a leprous cap uncurled,
Upon the wall a swelling blackened stain,
Ungummed its eyes and gaped its ragged gash,
The ceiling fan miasmal foetor swirled,
Across the floor rose up a livid rash.
The growing light calls toxic vapors forth,
Elicits from the inner room a snort.

So stumbling from its bed a haggard form,
A gaunt and fetid wreck or something more,
Inheritor of lordship over they,
Who gunk and rot and filth perceive as prey,
It stretches, yawns, and then it belches too,
It dares to breech the fridge and taste its goo.

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