Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hospital Food

April 10th I went to the hospital, and then I went home, and then I went back to the hospital, and then I went home; hospital again (yay!) I have a pressure sore, a stent, and some unknown thing that keeps making me keel over.

Sorry for the poem desert. Dreams and Nightmares 101 will be delayed, but I don't know how much.


Fletcher Christian said...

Perfectly understandable. I wondered. Sorry for the deluge and conspiracy theories. My bad.
No pressure (pardoning the pun, of course)...but, and just when there's a moment? If your assistant's assistant's assistant's cousin's sister's servant's niece, might get my other, (contracted) 3 copies of #100 in the mail? Please? I can name at least seven or eight people, who would appreciate it...Me, Myself and I, being three of us.

David Kopaska-Merkel said...

Just saw your comment Fletcher. I will mail them today or tomorrow: I know David has the address but it would help if you sent it to me, using (his wife)

Fletcher Christian's Evil Twin said...

Much appreciation, in getting back to me. I just saw this, just now, and have emailed to the provided address...sent goodies, as well! : )

Will await the remaining 3, with the beaten-to-death, proverbial baited breath. As I've told David and a # of Others, #100 is certainly a handsome volume.

Your Poet,

Fletcher Christian's standin said...

Received two (2) of the three (3), yesterday. As I was reared in the manner of Old, e.g. "remember to Thank God, for your food and a home", and as I continue unmotivated, deep into midlife, we'll call it a push. : / While I'd love to pieces, to receive the last #100 I have due, will cop to the pragmatism of Old, "Sure, there isn't justice in the world, but no one said it was a bowl of cherries."

Thank You, ma'am.
Get Well wishes, David.
IF, by some black pall, there is to be NO #101, please announce, as a brace of my D&N appearances, has a long journey to make.

I Am, to You,