Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Amoeba Girl as Teen

She used to think she should have been a guy.
Amoeba Boy would’ve been a terror on a date,
Many hands making light work
When it was time to put the moves on a girl.
But then again, her talent came in handy.
Locked your keys in the car?
It isn’t only the Law that has long arms.
Need to spill a drink on someone across the room,
Or spy on your boyfriend?
A.G. is there to help.
Pie-eating contests?
Lay your bets, boys: she’s all over that.

But that was high school.

When she got her consciousness raised in college
The sh*t really hit the vacuole.
She learned about the glass ceiling,
Force feeding of suffragettes,
The sexual imbalance on death row,
And the surprising prevalence of
Unreported domestic violence.
That’s how Amoeba Girl became the Amorphous Avenger,
But that’s another story.

The end

Prev. published in a different form
The Egg Show (chapbook, 2005)

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