Saturday, October 29, 2016


Neighbor Children Had Been Playing with Their New Camera

In this photo, a mantis shape, agleam with bronze highlights, towers above the trees behind the house. Here, it is gone. The timestamp corresponds to the interruption in satellite data coverage that occurred in a two-square-mile area centered on the farm. This also was when livestock gave voice and danced strangely for approximately thirteen minutes, according to local residents.

Mrs. Johnson was never seen again. Her handbag, empty, and lodged in a neighbor's sycamore, remained cold to the touch a day later. The tree did not recover. Mr. Johnson found no food in the kitchen, though the shopping had been completed two days before. The house and outbuildings blew away in a high wind the following week. Small amounts of powder were recovered plastered against solid objects to the southeast (downwind). This material lacked even traces of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, or nitrogen: the building blocks of organic material.

Mr. Johnson, relocated to the state capital, received a phone call from his wife approximately four months after her disappearance. She spoke only in French, which she had never studied so far as he knew, but he swore he recognized the voice. Mr. Johnson does not speak French, and did not understand the message she intended to convey. To date, there has been no further communication.


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