Monday, October 10, 2016

the raw princess

the raw princess

The night breeze crawled heavily over the sill.
Something rustled at the bottom of the lawn,
like a chitinous card player
dealing out her hand, or a bear,
moving toward her through a stand of cane.

Marcia leapt out the window,
landing in the black soil of her mother's
flower bed. The hem of her nightgown resettled
around her ankles as she ran through
the dewy grass. She ducked under the
sweet olive and into the magnolia's shadow.
there, opalescent eyes reflecting starlight,
crouched something but dimly seen,
its muscles knotted, ears drooping,
scales rhomboid, blunt teeth and protruding
jaws rioting with the leg of an exhumed
banker. Marcia jumped into the arms
that opened to her, one still holding
the ragged remains of its dinner.

Her soft cries wafted through
her parents' open window,
but they did not awake.

The end

Publ. Aoife’s Kiss, 2005

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