Sunday, November 13, 2016


The Armies of Memory

John Barnes

This book is the fourth part of a series of four, and I have not read the first three. I don't really recommend reading series this way, but sometimes the problems created are bigger than other times. In this case, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and will look for the first three to read in order.

This is a far future high tech world in which AIs are commonplace, widely mistrusted, and few people die the real death. Archiving copies of your mind is routine, so most people can be resurrected after fatal events. There are aliens, at least some of which are not friendly ones, and AI, some of which might be friendly, and plenty of ordinary humans, some of which definitely are not. The viewpoint character is a singer and songwriter who is also a highly skilled secret agent. Someone is trying to kill him.

There is lots of intrigue, action, and personal moments too. Skilled writing and intriguing worlds are big pluses. Read it.

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