Saturday, December 17, 2016

His last wish was a doozy

His last wish was a doozy

At first excitement filled him like a child,
He ran with digit blazing all he met,
In truth his eyes became a trifle wild,
His garments weren't a heavy burden yet.

His humor lasted till his faithful dog,
Returning from a happy garden run,
Leaped to his arms and suddenly, Oh God!
Was cold, and seemed to weigh at least a ton.

Realization came to him at last,
He knew half of his deadly error now,
The rest he learned when he would take repast,
He wished most grievously to eat, but how?

Tears flooded from his eyes, he wailed, he moaned,
No angel, god, or devil came to call,
He feared the godlike power he'd been loaned,
For he was only mortal, after all.

He blindly crawled an endless bed of gold,
Transforming all into a precious death,
They found him, brought him things to hold,
Until his body drew its final breath.

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