Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rhysling award

If you belong to the SFPA (  you can nominate and vote for the Rhysling ( Any speculative poem first published in 2016 is eligible. I am the Chair for the 2017 Rhysling. Beginning Jan. 1, nominate the best you've read. If you aren't a member. join.

Here is an alphabetical list of some of mine that are eligible.

A Close Look at Heaven, Star*line 39.1
A Visitor from Yuggoth, Star*line 39.2
After the Shuttle Lands, Star*line 39.3
Assimilation, Star*line 39.2
Back Lot at Ed’s Scrapyard, Roswell, Asimov’s, June
Blood red, Beechwood Review 2
Bullets Won’t Stop It, Star*line 39.3
Choreography, Dreams and Nightmares blog, May 24, 2016
City in Ruins, Star*line 39.3
Contents of a Sealed Trunk found on an Abandoned Ship (with F. J. Bergmann), Polu Texni Mar. 7, 2016
Dangerous Stuff, Kaleidotrope, Autumn, 2016
Elegy, Star*line 39.1
Eyes to See, The Mind[less] Muse, May 3 2016
Faerie’s Burbs, Star*line 39.2
Fur Ceiling, Star*line 39.3
God Weather, Star*line 39.2
He Calls it Cookie, Spaceports and Spidersilk, January 2016
I, AI (with Kendall Evans), Illumen, spring 2016
I Keep Going Back To That Weekend, Lupine Lunes
If There Are No Aliens, Outposts of Beyond, October, 2016
It’s so cold now, Star*line 39.2
Man of Steel, Star*line 39.1
Martian Seashell, Star*line 39.3
Midas smiled, Star*line 39.1
Moebius World (w Kendall Evans), Star*line 39.4
Now Returning from the Sea, Star*line 39.1
Olfactory Recall, Dreams and Nightmares blog, Mar. 23, 2016
polyped bricks compose, Star*line 39.2
printing our children, Star*line 39.2
released from bed, Beechwood Review 2
Self-Cleaning Carpet, Star*line 39.1
Snail Boy, Illumen, Autumn 2016
Social Dinosaurs, Kaleidotrope, summer
Started Small, Not One of Us, 55
Thank You for Not Shifting, Star*line 39.3
the face looked up, Scifaikuest November print
the hut with pigeon feet, Star*line 39.3
The Literate Lunch, Dreams and Nightmares blog, May 24, 2016
the origami ship, Star*line 39.3
The Unnameable Clears its Throat (with Wade German), Star*line 39.1
The Woods Look Up, Outposts of Beyond, Oct. 2016
They believed in an afterlife, Star*line 39.2
Throwing the Furniture Into the Reaction Engine, Star*line 39.3
to-do list, Star*line 39.1
Too Late We Discovered, The Martian Wave
Vampire Children, Star*line 39.2
Virtual Love (with Kendall Evans), Polu Texni Sep. 26, 2016
Wearable AI, Star*line 39.3
When the Stars Align, Outposts of Beyond
your young self, Star*line 39.3

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