Thursday, March 2, 2017

"Intelligent Design" tries to insinuate itself into Alabama schools

"Critical Thinking" Bill Standard Creationist Ploy

As they do every year, religious extremists in the Alabama state legislature are trying to introduce religion into the public school science classroom. The current fad is to appeal to "critical thinking." It sounds innocuous, but it is simply a cover for creationist dogma. The problem with applying critical thinking in this context is that many students are not knowledgeable enough. Many teachers, whose required training doesn't include much about evolution, if anything, also lack the background. Further, the current incarnation of creationism, Intelligent Design, is a purely religious concept. It doesn't belong in the science classroom. By all means encourage critical thinking about scientific principles!

Alabama has many real challenges that the state legislature is equipped to address. I wish they would stop embarrassing the state. By trying to conflate science and religion again and again, and do their jobs.

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