Thursday, March 2, 2017

Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award

The Outstanding Earth Science Teacher award is given out every year by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers. This award honors innovative and dedicated earth science teachers working in K-12 classrooms.

Most nominations are made by the nominee's peers, but some are made by school administrators. You can even nominate yourself.

·        Why should you nominate  someone (or yourself) for one of these awards? 

o   To recognize the hard work they are doing; they can hang an award plaque to gloat over; receive a monetary award, free books, and more-

                              o   And they get their picture on the NCGS website and join a list of other
                                     distinguished Earth Science Teachers and Educators

In Alabama, you can use this form and send it to me.

You can also make nominations through the national website, and you can do that if you are in a different state.

The absolute final deadline in Alabama is April 15.

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