Monday, April 3, 2017


We (the geological survey) have been getting donations of fossils and rocks from an amateur collector, on and off, for two decades. Most of these are small things, intended for children. Others are intended for teachers, and some are intended for our fossil collection (e.g., fossil fish). All of these are in plastic bags with colored index cards stapled to them with the name of the fossil, the locality information, and the date collected, all handwritten on the index cards with a sharpie or in some cases, a pen. I haven't counted them, but I know that over the years we have received more than 100 such boxes. Right now we have 15 or 20 still full of things* to be given away. And today, after a hiatus of a couple of years, we got another one.

He is still alive [relief],

was followed immediately by,

we need to get busy and give more stuff away!

He has done SO MUCH for us, and we're grateful. It also keeps us working, getting the fossils to folks who will appreciate them. So, keep 'em coming, Don!

*dinosaur bone fragments, brachiopods, shark teeth, pieces of crinoid stem, etc.

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