Sunday, May 14, 2017



It's gonna be in the 90s tomorrow?
And I'm thinking
Looking really hot
In a short short sundress,
Ringing the bell,
holding a bouquet of zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers,
And my caregiver says "Incoming!"
So now I'm cracked lake beds, dead fish,
Summer bent over you,
So bright you have to squint and look away,
Sweat coming out of you
Like fire ants from a hill,
The sun rising up like Dr. Strangelove's wet dream
5:45 in the morning,
And all of a sudden
You have a vision of Autumn, your former lover,
Looking like cool mornings,
Bright red leaves,
Enigmatic glances,
Starry nights and the full moon
Under a warm quilt,
And I'm all "Why did I dump Her?!"

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