Saturday, May 20, 2017


I Wanna Be a Werewolf

I wanna be turnt, the woman said
I howl at the moon each night
And them boys hangin’ at Paw-Paw’s store
Look like they’d taste all right

I got me a monthly cycle
But I need a little more hair
I want it to grow all over
Not just here and there

And the next time Bobby Joe
Slams me up against the wall
I’ll rip out his dadblame throat
He’ll have nothing to say at all

I’d make a mighty fine werewolf
These teeth are white and sharp
I’d look good in my own fur coat
Eyes glowing in the dark

So if you run with a pack each month
And eat your kill still hot
Gimme a hair of the dog that bit you
I want into your club: why not?

Based on a Personal ad.

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