Sunday, May 21, 2017

A month of me

I'm the featured poet at Polu Texni this month. PT is a weekly webzine that publishes lots of great SFF poetry. Each poem is accompanied by an illustration. These usually seem to be very apt, and they are nice illustrations in their own right.

May 8, interview with me. Such things are almost always conducted by email. Nowadays, which pretty much eliminates the back-and-forth part of an interview. On the plus side, if you don't travel to where folks are, this is almost your only choice.

May 15, The Trajectory of Culture (w Kendall Evans) — A science fiction poem. Kendall and I have been collaborating for so long, I literally have no idea how long, except it is at least two decades. We more or less take turns starting poems, and if you start to do your name goes first.

May 22, If She Knew She Was a Ghost — A dark fantasy poem. Maybe a bit darker than that. My take on the old idea that maybe ghosts don't realize they are dead.

May 29, The Mind Eater -- another dark fantasy poem. Or is it SF? Many stories have tackled this idea.

June 5. Last Chance Saloon, Gliese III -- not for the squeamish 

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