Sunday, December 27, 2020



Dreams and Nightmares 117 (January 2021)


Denny Marshall, Before the Crown Fell (cover)

From the Brain Stem

Bruce McAllister, Isn't Life Grand?

Hansen Tor Adcock, They Have Nothing To Wear

Baishampayan Seal, illo

John W. Sexton and Rich Magahiz, darwin cyclone

Denny Marshall, The Encounter

Gerri Leen, Aurora Violatio

Anne Carly Abad, Dissociation

Geoffrey A. Landis, In the Male Utopia

Timothy E. G. Bartel, Extinction Elegiacs

Mary Turzillo, In the Female Utopia

Chris Friend, illo

Calie Voorhis, The Cherry Witch

Mark Hartrick, Life Partner

Denny Marshall, Basement Experiment

Robert Frazier, The Rains on Venus...

Chris Friend, illo

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