Sunday, May 9, 2021


Dreams and Nightmares 118

May, 2021

The oldest extant speculative poetry magazine, other than Star*line


Allen K., cover

Mary Soon Lee, How to Enlist in Andromeda

Neal Wilgus, Who, Me?

Jane Yolen, The Mermaid Brings TP

Ann K. Schwader, Lacking Us

Denny Marshall, Sapien

Herb Kauderer, "Real heroes..."

Gerri Leen, Blood of My Blood

Laura Theis, zombie apocalypse self-knowledge

Gary Every, Hauntless

Andrew Darlington, Friends from the Day After Tomorrow

P. H. Low, Last Year's Monster

John Grey, My Death Letter

Herb Kauderer, This May Hurt a Little

Oliver Smith, Foxtail Amaranth

Shelly Jones, The Beekeeper's Grave

Thomas E. Simmons, A Spacecraft Named Rapture

Marge Simon, The Moth on Van Gogh's Hat

James O'Melia, The Last Time We Spoke

Roger Dutcher, Static

Avra Margariti, Alas, I Cannot Drown

Gerri Leen, Isolation Ward

F. J. Bergmann, Radiance



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