Sunday, August 22, 2021


Dreams and Nightmares 119 is complete and the proofs are with the contributors Dreams and Nightmares 119 September 2021 CONTENTS Morgan Kopaska-Merkel, Cover Robert Frazier, Galileo’s Voyage to the Moon Jennifer Crow, A Disclaimer from the Continuum Line Deborah Davitt, The Futures Lost Between Us Bob Borski, Fulgurite Quiz Sandra Lindow, What the Weed Whip Wanted Rich Magahiz, “shedding photons” Anna Cates, End of Days Jane Yolen, Bear Man Three Ways M. C. Childs, Three Monopoly Multiverse Cards Federica Santini, Personal Knossos Denny Marshall, A Cloud Follows You Gerri Leen, What of Me, Goose Girl John Thomas Allen, Visiting Hours Laurel Winter, The Werewolf Raises Sheep Laurel Winter, the tree’s secrets Denny Marshall, Bell Pods Miguel O. Mitchell, A Descendant’s Gift F. J. Bergmann, Venery Deborah Davitt, Days of Wine and Petrichor Rich Magahiz, Parable of the Glove Lawrence Harding, The Translation of Moebius Q. Peabody

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