Sunday, December 12, 2021


Proofs of DN 120 have been sent to the authors. The issue should be printed by the end of the month.


Denny Marshall, Oval Universe Star Burst Galaxy
Rebecca Buchanan, Vastitas Borealis
David Gianatasio, This Is Just To Say
Ann K. Schwader, Aricebo No More
Allen K., Wave
Mary Soon Lee, How To Enlist In Andromeda
Denny Marshall, Back Two Back
Terry A. Garey, Stephen Hawking Says We Must
Deborah P Kolodji, "world tug"
Gloundan Smorpian, "shrill cries"
Terry A. Garey, I'm Wishing
Denny Marshall, Long Black Dress
Lauren McBride, "show me, I said"
Lauren McBride, How I Got Rich Selling Lipstick
Joshua St, Claire, "full moon flesh"
F. J. Bergmann, Horror Fantasy & Speculative Fiction
Shelly Jones, The Beekeeper's Grave
Marsheila Rockwell, A Spell For Winning Your Personal Injury Lawsuit
Jacqueline West, A Christening
LeRoy Gorman, signs of a coming winter
Allen K., From Beneath
Adele Gardner, Ariadne Threads the Labyrinth
Allen K., The Island
Wade German, The Stable Under The Sign Of Hydra
Ken Poyner, In-Flight Pairing

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