Thursday, May 26, 2022


Reliable Plumbing in Baton Rouge is anything but. They did some good work, but they screwed up on our shower. I won't call them again. Here's what happened. We bought this house last November, and discovered almost right away that someone had poured or spilled grout in the master bath shower drain and it drained veeeeeery slowly. So who ya gonna call? We chose Reliable more or less at random, because we didn't know any plumbers. They were recommended by someone we didn't know well, but what's that worth? We had a couple of other plumbing problems, which they took care of. When it came to the shower, they discovered the grout (which we had told them about). Then they messed around with a snake, and some other tools, but after about an hour they gave up. At this point the shower wouldn't drain at all. They said they'd have to jackhammer up the tile floor of the shower to get to the grout. It would be expensive, and we put it off.

Fast forward to this month. We needed some HVAC work done. I called Central Heating and Air, because they'd done some work for us before. After making an appointment, she asked if there was anything else I needed. "No, just some plumbing work," I said, because something had come up that day. "We do that too," she said (through a partnership with AccuTemp Services). So they came out, did a good job, and then we asked them to take a look at the shower. They discovered the grout, which we'd told them about. They messed around for half an hour, and discovered the broken end of a snake. Now how did that get in there? At this point the shower was draining again, but too slowly for anything but a lightning shower.They left, saying they'd come back with a stouter snake. And oh, by the way, if you pour some muriatic acid down the drain, that should help. You might want to try that. Muriatic acid isn't expensive, so we bought some, poured a little in the shower, and wow! It's draining well, and passed the shower test. Too bad we didn't call them a lot sooner.

Now isn't it pretty!

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