Tuesday, September 27, 2022



September 2022


Tabitha Marsh, House on the Cliff, cover
Deborah L. Davitt, The Futures Lost Between Us
Chris Friend, illo
John Philip Johnson, Mythos
Robert Borski, Tinder
Gerri Leen, Time Doesn't Temper the Me You See
Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, "a gentle lover"
Rina Olsen, The Mul Gwishin
Robert Borski, The Phoenix Who Had Doubts About Reincarnation
Denny Marshall, Aztec
AJ Wentz, "multiverse"
Robert Wooten, A Backdoor Man
Chris Friend, illo
J. S. Watts, Lost Boy
Jennifer Crow, Turns
F. J. Bergmann, What They Don't Allow
Charles Saplak, illo
Sandra Lindow, Intergalactic Baba Yaga
Ivan de Monbrison, The Cage (translated by the author)
Allen K, books
J. F. Haines, Better Luck Next Time
Daniel Newcomer, Sun, Come Back
Greg Schwartz, "wolf moon"
Kathy Bailey, New Planet
David Barber, The Saucer People
Roger Dutcher, Ghosting the Moon
Chris Friend, illo

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