Wednesday, November 23, 2022


Do you remember the road trip games we played before there were electronic toys? Counting cars, the alphabet games (A my name is Alice [I come from Altoona and I'm an astronaut, etc.]; finding in alphabetical order the first letters of words on signs, etc.). We would let the little kids use words on trucks, but the rest had to use stationary signs. The license plate game, in which whoever sees the most states wins. Best on a looooong trip. When I was little we counted "bug cars." They seemed to be about 5% of the traffic. When my kids were young they weren't so common on the road, so they were stuck counting "green trucks" or some such. Not as much fun. If you weren't doing that there was reading, sleeping, and staring out the window. You could see a wild critters and other cool stuff that way. Good times.

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