Tuesday, April 2, 2024


The bed tells me it needs service. How things have changed! In the old days, you knew a bed needed service when you sagged down to the floor, it literally fell apart. or a spring viciously stabbed you in the back. Now it beeps at you, timidly but insistently, and God knows what will happen if you ignore it for too long. I wonder if Russians can hack my bed and use it as part of a distributed denial of service attack against the DoD or my local bank. Wouldn't be at all surprised. After all, if a network of smart toothbrushes can be made to do it, surely nothing is safe. But if it could participate in something like that, why couldn't the bed simply call the company that installed it and make an appointment for them to have a look. But no, I still have to do that! So 20th century!

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