Tuesday, May 16, 2017


The Burgers of Tindalos

The spell will be complete
when fries are burnt on an iron griddle
under the full moon
and the sacred crimson
ointment is spread upon the bodies
yea, the entire bodies,
of the faithful,
and a virgin pickle is dismembered
and consumed with relish,
only then, with the proper incantations,
will the Portal open
and the Chëeseburger
(all praise its name) return to us
from the bowels of the cosmos.

Iä, Iä, Chëeseburger!
Long may it rule!

That is not consumed which can yet return
and in strange eons even hearts may burn
                            (The mad chef Cardius Congestivus)

The end

Apologies to H P Lovecraft & Frank Belknap Long

Brushfires, 2010

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