Friday, September 30, 2016


Today, the last Bad Roberta story will be posted. There are other stories to tell, but parents of impressionable youngsters have begged me not to share her worst exploits with the public.

Subscriber copies of Dreams and Nightmares 104 go out today.

In garden news, the surprise lilies are in a full bloom, at least insofar as that is possible in a very dry year. So are the tomato plants, finally, but I don't know how many tomatoes we will really get, since fall arrived yesterday. Dragon NaturallySpeaking keeps inserting random commas whenever I pause for breath. I guess that means they are not really random, but they are rarely appropriate. So if you don't like any of my commas, blame them on the software.

A day for a hat
not just inside my icebox office
but in the dawn breeze
ants have eaten the dead shrew
brown leaves fall
my favorite season is dead

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