Thursday, October 6, 2016



I got a letter from my mother today. It's sans cerif, so it's either lower-case "l" or capital "I". I think it is an l. Mom writes every week. Soon I'll be able to make a whole sentence. Alas, I'm really low on punctuation, and have not a single period, so I can produce nothing declarative. Still, there are many things I want to know, so I think I'll ask a question.

Today I got a space. Ha ha, that's what I say when I really got nothing. Always look on the bright side, Dad said. I'm envious. He could afford semicolons! How many can actually use a semicolon? Yet he'll give me nothing, nothing at all. I have to "make my own way."

I took a walk in the park. I saw that girl! Yes, the one I've mentioned. She is harmonious of form, she walks in grace, and her smile would melt the hardest stone. She sat on a bench by the duck pond, and I walked as slowly as I dared. I was in heaven! To cap off a perfect day, by the path, half-hidden by dead leaves, I found a period. Now all I lack is "I v ou". I can trade my question mark for at least one of those, I'm sure.

Today: disaster! I got home early, hoping for something from my mother. The box was empty. Upstairs, my apartment door was unlatched. I pushed it open, slipped inside. Nothing in the front room seemed disturbed, but when I got to my bedroom I found the floor awash with papers, clothing, and all the rest of my stuff. The mattress was askew and the letters and punctuation were missing. Nothing else had been taken.

I spent so long saving. If I start anew it will take forever! Even if I don't get robbed again.

I went back to the park, sat on my favorite bench. (The one by the duck pond.) I sat, staring at nothing. When someone sat beside me I was taken by surprise. It was she, staring at me with her dark eyes and bewitching brows. She held out her hand. On it: a question mark.

I nodded. It didn't matter that I had no words.


Publ., Daily Cabal, Dec. 14, 2009

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