Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rhysling awards

These are annual awards, given to members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association for the best short and long speculative poems first published in a given year. Despite the organization's name, we aim to be inclusive, considering the term "science fiction" in the broadest possible meaning. It includes fantasy, horror, weird, slipstream, speculative, surreal, etc. As long as there is some kind of speculative element then the poem is potentially relevant to the interests of the group.

Poems published in the calendar year 2016 are eligible. It is not too early to begin pondering what you have read and making a tentative list. More, later in the year.

My personal interest for this year is twofold. First, I am going to be putting together the anthology of nominated works. I have nothing to do with choosing these works (except I get to nominate two, just like any member). Second, I have written and published a number of poems that are eligible. Anything published in Dreams and Nightmares issues 102-104, is eligible. Any poem published in this blog, unless it lists a previous publication credit at the end, is eligible. Anything by me that is published anywhere else this year, unless it lists a previous publication credit, is also eligible.

If you are not a member of the sfpa and want to join, you can visit this website:

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