Monday, May 29, 2017


Dreams and Nightmares, serving up mind-expanding poetry for 31 years. Issue 106 is out this month (see contents below). The work of hundreds of poets has appeared in DN, including many whose first published poem was in DN. #107 is due out in September.

Try out a pdf of any issue for $1 or a print copy for $5 (paypal to jopnquog at gmail dot com). Lifetime PDF subscription for $39 includes all back issues; $90 gets you a lifetime subscription to both print and PDF editions, including all available back issues. Search the archives of this blog for "contents" of recent issues. You can pay by check made out to David Kopaska-Merkel, 1300 Kicker Rd., Tuscaloosa, AL 35404, if you don't use paypal.

Dreams and Nightmares 106
May, 2017

Denny Marshall, Counter Clockwise, cover
Herb Kauderer, The Great Lakes of Mars
Bradley R. Strahan, Invisible City
Wade German, Prophecy of the Green Death
Ken Poyner, Mars Mission
Robert Borski, The Blob
A. J. Odasso, Origin Story
Geoffrey Landis, Sunday, Monday, Doomsday
Chris Friend, illo
F. J. Bergmann, Kindred Spirit
Herb Kauderer, A Twisted Certainty
Chris Friend, illo
Alan Catlin, Last Supper for Eight, in the shrine of the heart shaped chair
Vanessa, Just a Dent in Spacetime
Hanan Muzafar, Lost in Wind
Carie Juettner, Night Walk
Christina Sng, untitled
Roger Dutcher, Baseball on Mars
Neal Wilgus, Stay Tuned
John Francis Haines, Voices

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