Friday, June 2, 2017


So, when a couple of dozen nations slip beneath the Pacific Ocean over the next few decades, it only seems fair that those most responsible pay to relocate everybody, and find them good jobs, and all that. Fortunately, there is this great subsidized housing project called Mar a Lago, which already has experience accommodating international visitors. I believe there is also an ostentatious Tower in New York City that would be eminently suitable.

It is all very well, in fact, it is good, to personally conserve as much as one can. However, it takes major institutions and governments to significantly alter climate change. I am very glad to see corporations and cities stepping in to clean up the mess left by the federal government. What some people don't realize is that if you clean up the environment right/materially reverse climate change there are huge profits to be made while doing good. Tesla has the right idea making and marketing inexpensive home solar panels.

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