Thursday, September 8, 2016


It is not difficult to write a love poem. However, it is, at the best of times, difficult to write a good one. Now consider this: we have been married 37 years. That's 37 birthdays, 31 Mother's Day's, 37 Christmases, 37 Chanukahs (Yes, both), 37 Valentine's Days. I have missed a few, but in the ideal case, that would be close to 200 poems. That's a lot of endearments for someone who isn't all that sentimental. So, in recent years, I have gone with a mixture of tongue in cheek and totally unrelated to the subject. She seems to like them. And, it is the only good use for doggerel. For obvious reasons, I'm not posting any of those poems here, although I might add this year's after I give it to her

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